Realtize & AnyDAO Strategic Partnership

This week, Web 3.0 DAO-in–a–Box creation and management tool, AnyDAO, and Web 3.0 digital investment platform, Realtize, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to expand both teams’ product capabilities and community. Both projects are actively looking to develop innovative Web 3.0 applications and provide meaningful value to users on the new semantic web, and this agreement will accelerate their development.

Founded in 2020 before switching focus to crypto in 2021, Realtize is committed to building a bridge connecting traditional investors with platforms offering digital assets as a form of investment through a Web 3.0 digital investment platform. Realtize has quickly evolved as one of the leaders in the regulated investment space in accordance with both SEC and FINRA regulations while still amassing the support of over 20 platforms and three publicly-traded companies, which have raised millions with over 150K users participating through equity sharing, NFTs, and more.

AnyDAO is designed to help builders facilitate the transition to Web 3.0 by democratizing access to cutting-edge innovation in technology and finance for anyone around the world. In partnering with Realtize, AnyDAO will be able to provide the whole range of services offered by the DAO management platform for traditional platforms, also making the transition to Web 3.0 and DAO governance. Additionally, the partnership will benefit the 150k contributors on Realtize and provide opportunities for AnyDAO’s growing community to explore, contribute, and enhance the growth of each project moving forward.

Specific details of the partnership and joint activities are still unreleased, so watch this space for more updates!

If you’d like to learn more about DAOs, AnyDAO, or have any questions or comments, check us out with the links below!






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