Introducing AnyDAO: Anyone, AnyDAO

After an exciting few months of development, we are happy to announce that from March 23, 2022, Accessifi will be rebranded as AnyDAO! We believe the new name and overall brand image better reflect our vision for the future and will allow us to better connect with our growing community moving forward.

Since inception, our mission has been to allow individuals from around the world access to the new generation of blockchain-powered Web3.0 innovations. Accessifi sought to allow individual investors access to high-quality early-stage startups by fractionalizing SAFT agreements, but AnyDAO will broaden this even further by opening up DAO participation to anyone.

DAOs are the Future of Organization and Work

At AnyDAO, we truly believe that the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model is a breakthrough in organizational structure, and we want to help more communities develop their own DAOs and grow organically.

The DAO is the ideal model for bootstrapping any idea via open participation with willing members. More than just fundraising, DAOs involve individuals in decisions about the direction of their investments, meaning people are able to have a say in the future of these organizations and develop a sense of identity and ownership.

Currently, however, DAOs require a degree of technical ability in setting up that many people view as a serious hurdle to starting. AnyDAO removes this hurdle by fully automating the technical process of setting up a DAO, allowing non-tech-minded people to also be involved in building DAOs from the ground floor.

Of the Community, by the Community, for the Community

At AnyDAO, we are super excited for the future of this space and especially keen to see what great ideas come from the emergence of the DAO model. We wish to facilitate the building of an ecosystem of DAOs to further popularize the concept of decentralization and broaden access to Web3 innovations.

AnyDAO will also support existing DAOs, allowing communities to migrate to our indexed and easy-to-use platform for effective DAO management. From there, new users will be able to find new DAOs to support and be a part of and define their own identity as being a cross-section of multiple DAOs. Community support and smart contract oversight will also be a means of deterring malicious actors who will be flagged by the system for potential abuse.

This is a very exciting time for the whole team here at AnyDAO, and we are eager to share further details about planned progress and incoming campaigns. Our dream is to be the place for all things DAO by providing new and existing DAOs with quality tools to connect their communities and grow their ideas.

Stay tuned for more details!



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AnyDAO is an ecosystem for new and existing DAOs bridging communities together to oversee the lifecycle through Web3.