AnyDAO & FindTruman Provide Value Back to Contributors

2 min readJul 13, 2022


Strategic Partnership Announcement

Contribution in Web2 is highly undervalued or not valued at all, currently content creators, in their own respective provide value to brands and companies with out receiving retribution. Even currently in many landscapes, while contributors may receive 15%-20% returns for their contribution, the hierarchy takes majority of the profit while only providing a platform. The transition from Web2 to Web3 and contribute-to-earn will put the value back in the hands of creators and contributors. AnyDAO is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with FindTruman whom are putting rights and earnings back in the hands of creators through Web3.

FindTruman is tackeling an age old problem of piracy, creator contribution, fairness in service providing and growth, while enhancing community and player/user experience. FindTruman provides a co-creation protocol, where user-gerneated content as editors, can also create stories, venues and utilities within a “Player One”-like Metaverse. On the same scope, the FindTruman platfrom provides a story-based ecosystem, for role playing and social interactions, with a global view, an expanding growth system and competitive tournament modes.

AnyDAO in partnership with FindTruman will focus on providing contirbute-to-earn back to the contributors, creators and partners. With our focus together on providing the transition for Web2 to Web3 engagement each project and individual can be ensured that they are valued and protected. Additionally, within the partnership the users of FindTruman and AnyDAO can expect support for communities for growth and governance.

Specific details of the partnership and joint activities will be coming soon, so watch this space for more updates!

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