Announcement: The Month of AnyDAO

2 min readOct 31, 2022


Greetings from AnyDAO team to all the DAOer! Thanks for your support during the launch of AnyDAO Mainnet, and let’s move on to next steps!

Here comes the November Plan — the Month of AnyDAO:

  1. In Nov, we are going to launch a comprehensive Giveaway function on which can meet most needs of giveaway/whitelist lucky draws.
  2. 100 DAOs are onboarding AnyDAO while 10 splendid DAOs will be screened for all-round marketing support, and the next round of starDAO Project is going to be launched simultaneously on Nov 10th.
  3. On Nov 1st, the Contributor Whitelist Program will be launched. We are running it through Discord invitations, the official community draw, cooperative communities draw, KOL draw and OG recommendation. A total of 10,000 contributors will be whitelisted. The only Contributors Whitelist gives the right to participate in the 2nd Donation to AnyDAO, the mint of Genesis NFT and the freemint of co-built NFT.
  4. On Nov 15th, the 2nd Donation to AnyDAO will be launched. Only whitelisted contributors can participate. The cap is 2000 BNB while each MANY Token is about $0.03, and the linear vesting is 365 days.
  5. $MANY will be listed on CEX around Nov 15th. We will choose an excellent and reliable CEX to initially list MANY pairs. The specific CEX will be announced in the community in advance.
  6. On Nov 20th, the MANY staking function will be launched. If you hold MANY, you can participate in Stake-to-Earn.
  7. Genesis NFTs will be minted on Nov 25th, with a total of 5,000 items. The mint price is 0.5BNB. Each contributor listed on OG List will be rewarded 2 from airdrops. The first 1000 donors from the 2nd Donation to AnyDAO will be rewarded 1 NFT from airdrops. In addition to the above rewards, only those contributors on the Whitelist can mint the remaining NFTs with the Insured-mint Method. Genesis NFT rights are composed of Stake-to-Earn buff, Contribute-to-Earn buff, sharing AnyDAO commissions, etc. The specific rules will be announced soon.

You see there will be big movements in the month, and big noises will be made by us. So, hold tight with AnyDAO and contribute to EARN!




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