Announcement & Bi-weekly Repo

2 min readNov 15, 2022


The first Whitelist Campaign ended with great achievements, and here are more updates:

1. At 13:00 UTC on the 18th, we will launch the 2nd Round Donation with 1MANY=0.03USDT. The cap is 2000BNB, the minimum donation per address is 0.5BNB, and the maximum is 5BNB.

2. The first 500BNB allocation is only for Whitelisted contributors, and the other 1500BNB is alloction is for public.

3. The first 1,000 donators can get the Genesis NFTs after the Donation completed.

4. $MANY will be listed on Exchanges before 30 UTC, and the details will be notified to all partners in advance.

Thanks for all contributors’ support.


Bi-weekly Report

In the past month, great achievements were reached by AnyDAO during the Mainnet Launch:

20+ Bounties were created and participated by 5000+ contributors

Don’t forget to claim your rewards!

Some of the valuable Bounties are:

1000 WL & $USDT Giveaway to Contributors on Twitter

[$100 Bounty] Invite Friends to Follow MoonDAO on AnyDAO

Follow AnyDAO and Invite Friends to Share 5000 $MANY

$100 Giveaways to AMA Participants | Nov 09

Join AnyDAO on Telegram to Earn $MANY

And the Airdrop to 10,000 early birds:

AirDrop to 10000 Winners

Explore more DAOs and campaigns on, and happy earn there!




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