Announcement:100 DAOs Campaign Ends

3 min readNov 12, 2022

Pleased to announce that our 100 course campaign has been successfully completed. Now let’s introduce the winners listed on the homepage of our website!


MoonDAO is an international collective of people united by the mission of decentralized access to space research and exploration.They have successfully sent one of their members into space some time ago, successfully taking a step further towards their vision.



BitDAO is empowering the next generation of Web3 builders and orgs with one of the largest and most diverse token-governed treasuries in the world.


People DAO

People DAO was born out of a landmark event for Web3, symbolizing the power of human coordination. In mid-November 2021, a group of Internet friends decided to purchase a copy of the U.S. Constitution. The resulting social movement, Constitution DAO, raised $45 million, but was outbid by Citadel CEO Ken Griffin. Founded after the failure, People’s DAO adopted $PEOPLE as our governing body, influenced by the unique attributes of the token and the story.


Gitcoin DAO

Their mission is to build and fund digital public goods. Open Source Software is a digital public good that creates $400bn/year in value, and we believe creators of OSS don’t have great ways to monetize their work on this digital infrastructure. Our goal is to correct this asymmetry.

Gitcoin DAO(


PleasrDAO is a collective of DeFileaders, early NfT collectors and digital artists who have built a strong and benevolent reputation for acquiring culturally significant work with a philanthropic twist.


MetaOasis DAO

MetaOasis DAO aims to be a metaverse creation platform to help brands & projects, creators and eventually any metaverse establish a prcesence.

MetaOasis DAO(


LanDAO is an Advertising & Renting Solution for Metaverse Lands connecting projects/brands with land owners to enable massive exposure within a short period.



The First Jay Chou Fan Club in web3.,which is committed to bringing Chinese culture to life in the world of web3.


To learn more about the winners, please visit our website( We also have a wide range of airdrops on our website, so to participate, please read the following guide(




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