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Last Friday we host an AMA with our partner DKmobile:Genesis, a real-time MMORPG GameFi that uses a P2E system without NFT, where players earn tokens by simply capturing monsters, PVP, Quest clear. DKmobile:Genesis was released in 2022 as a follow-up to Return of Heroes, and reached TOP 1 in Google Play’s popularity ranking has been maintained for 2 weeks since its launch。

The download link:

Here is the recap of our AMA.

1.Could you introduce the ITSBLOC platform?

The web3 version of ITSBLOC is a polygon based on-chain self-developed platform. By 2023, we expect to have different types of third-party games including MMORPG, fps, and casual games blockchaining through ITSBLOC to provide web3 services.

2.Are there any recent updates to DKmobile:Genesis?

Of course, we expect to make many major updates to provide players with a better gaming experience.

We have added soul options for in-game characters and over 100 new transformations/magical dolls including legendary, epic and rare.

We’ve also extended the purchase period for Marketplace Pass II and launched a series of Dione related store packages, including the Staking shop variant/doll package and the Florine store summoning package. The new packages are accompanied by the removal of the vena-related and some weapon packages from the Staking shop, and the edle and eos-related packages from the Florine shop will be removed soon.

3.Could you introduce DK Mobile:Genesis economy system?

DK Mobile:Genesis consists of five main components: ITSB, ITSBC, PENTADRA, Stella’s trade token, Florin.

ITSB is the governance token of the ITSBLOC platform, and ITSBC is a utility token for the ITSBLOC platform.This ITSB and ITSBC are pegged to a 1:1 value, and ITSBC plays a role in connecting the token ecosystem within the ITSBLOC platform into the cryptocurrency market.

ITSBC can be exchanged to Game Token within the ITSBLOC platform.

For DK Mobile: Genesis, this Game Token is ‘Pentadra Token’.

ITSBC is pegged to Pentadra Token at 1:1 value and can be used, maintaining its value.

Pentadra Token is a Game Token of DK Mobile, and one of the main functions is Staking.DK mobile users can get free items with special effects which can be used in the game through this staking!

Stella’s trade token is a kind of voucher and connects the in-game economic system with the token ecosystem.You can exchange it for Florin or USDC!

Another key function of Pentadra Token can be mixed with USDC in 1:9 ratio and then users can buy Stella’s trade token!

At this time, since USDC has a ratio of 9, the token ecosystem of DK mobile may seem easy to keep up with the low liquidity of stable coins, but at the same time, Pentadra Token, which is a ratio of 1, maintains the right amount of governance tokens in the market, making it stable!

Moreover, Florin, the key currency and important asset of profit for DK Mobile, which all heroes know well! This florin, which makes up all the economic activities in the game (item purchase, character enhancement, etc.), will all know what you can get through hunting, clearing quests, etc.

This florin can be converted into Stella’s trading token by collecting more than a certain amount.

As a result, the amount of florin that can be exchanged at this time is limited, so it can also prevent rapid changes in the economy!

And we are here to guide you on how to claim your staked Pentandra Token(PED) to your ITSBLOC wallet once Staking from DK Mobile : Genesis is complete.

1.Check your Staking status

1. Open ITSBLOC Wallet and select PED

2. Select Staking menu from PED menu.

3. In Staking Menu, you can check total Staking amount and Staking status.

2. How to Retrieve Staking

1. Press Claim button on the active Staking product that has finished the staking period

2. Check the Staking product information and press OK button

3. Input your password on ITSBLOC Wallet and press OK Button

4. After Staking retrieval is complete, press OK button and return to the Staking menu

3. How to check Staking status

1. Check the Staking retrieval log, logs are separately displayed as Unstaking/Staking.

2. In Unstaking section, you can check Staking retrieval date, claimed token amount after retrieval of Staking and completion status of Staking.

3. In Staking section. you can check the starting date of Staking and the on-going amount of Staking.

4. For currently on-going Staking products ‘CLAIM’ button is active and on the top part of the screen, you can check the ‘Total Staking’ menu to compare the difference in activation amount.

4.ITSBLOC wallet has recently been updated, can you introduce it?

Due to exchange pooling issues in the polygon network, there have been some changes to the exchange functionality of the wallet. Before the update, we could use ITSB to swap between matic and usdc. But after the update, we can only use usdc to swap between matic and usdc. However, we can buy tokens on exchanges that have itsb tokens live, such as and MECX.

Before update

New update

5.Last week you optimized the in-game environment, can you be specific?

Yes, we sanctioned many players, hackers and bots that use third-party programs within the game.

We have been gathering feedback from the community and discussing specific sanctions. I’m glad we succeeded in doing so. In the future, we will continue to impose sanctions on those who break the game’s balance. We welcome comments from our users, which will help us grow.

We will hold AMA every Friday to provide a platform for communication with everyone, please pay more attention to the subsequent development of AnyDAO community!




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