AMA Review:AnyDAO Partners

3 min readNov 21, 2022

On November 18 from 12–1pm, AnyDAO welcomed four new partners and co-hosted an AMA to discuss the next steps for their respective communities, and survival guides in a bear market.

Let us first introduce the four guests of this AMA:

RealPlayerDAO: A portal to the meta-universe, the GameFi project can start bounty missions and cast NFT on the RPD platform to attract early participants. Players can also form their own guilds on the platform to participate in the metaverse.

SUPERHERO NFT WARS:SNW is a Web 3.0 Social Metaverse Aggregator Platform for all live Web 3.0 projects.SNW currently issues NFTs for its own platform and has gone live with a staking feature that gives pledgers free access to the SNW platform. Most of them are already on sale and the rest will be distributed to new contributors as rewards.

The Wishing Daruma: The Wishing Daruma is a new nft project on Aptos, based on the Japanese lucky doll Dharma as an art model, with a total of 5,555 units, and is currently in whitelist distribution.

Here are the main contents of AMA:

AnyDAO 0xJeffery:What’s your next step?How to thrive in a bear market?

RealPlayerDAO:Bear markets are a great time to grow and build. In a bear market we will pay more attention to the product and business model, so that users can feel the long-term value of the product, and then we can talk about bringing considerable returns to users in the next bull market.

SUPERHERO NFT WARS:What we want to do is to complete the infrastructure that can support the metaverse, while developing our community and empowering the platform with a good user experience. In the future, we want to provide users with a more convenient way to access the metaverse.

0xJeffery: How to grow your community now?

RealPlayerDAO:We regularly host AMA, collaborate with other communities, and use the nft of our platform to reward members who contribute to our platform.

The Wishing Daruma: We will see our users as co-creators of our NFT brand and look for users who share our community culture. We will also look for KOLs and strategic partners that align with our program to continuously increase the reach of our community and airdrop whitelist rewards.We also have a bounty task in anydao, users who complete the task have a chance to get our whitelist, we hope you can participa.(

0xJeffery:Do you think community is the future of the project or technology?

RealPlayerDAO:We have always believed that community is our future, and Web3’s philosophy is to return data sovereignty to the users, and the development of encryption technology can only serve this philosophy. This is the reason why we founded RPD, and we hope that through our efforts we can build a strong community where everyone can be the real owner of their own assets in the blockchain world.

SUPERHERO NFT WARS:We also agree that community is our future, but technology is also undeniably important. As a meta-universe project, we are constantly updating our technology to empower the community through technology and provide a better interactive experience for community members.

The second round of AnyDAO donation campaign is now over, and we are grateful for the support of thousands of users. Next we will conduct more AMAs and connect with more communities, please stay tuned!




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