Accessifi Debugging Campaign Results

We would first like to thank all of those that participated in the Debugging Campaign as well as the Beta Testnet.

Here is a quick synopsis of the results with the winners list attached with feedback as well:

1. The Accessifi team received around 50 submissions with bug detection’s and suggestions. We admire and appreciate everyone’s contributions. According to the rules of the Beta Testing Campaign announced on Dec 17th 2021, we are willing to commend the community members who submitted valid bugs and also the valuable first suggestions. We weight suggestions and bugs the same even Minor bugs included.

2. 12 members submitted 23 bugs/suggestions including 2 Moderates and 20 Minor. Here are the list of winners’:

3. The Accessifi team would especially like to thank Dayal for his 5 submissions with around 60 bugs/suggestions. We cherish Dayal’s helpful support. There is no doubt that Dayal is the winner of the debug campaign and will be awarded with 122,000 ACC tokens (100,000 for 1st place + 18,000 for 9 Minors + 4,000 for 1 Moderate).

4. The 2nd place goes to Dominic who detected 1 Moderate and 1 Minor and submitted as the first to inform the team of his findings. Dominic will be awarded with 66,000 ACC tokens (60,000 for 2nd place + 2,000 for 1 Minor + 4,000 for 1 Moderate).

5. It was very difficult for us to pick the 3rd place winner, so the team has decided to split the rewards and award all other helpful members on the list. Each one will receive 6,000 ACC tokens (40,000/ 10 winners = 4,000+ 2,000 for 1 Suggestion or Minor).

6. 12 ACC NFTs will be minted for the debug winners while an additionaol 400 NFTs will be minted from the Testnet Beta experience winners, representing a fixed amount of ACC tokens which will be created as soon as Accessifi launches the TGE and mainnet launch at which point they will be distributed to the winners’ addresses. The NFTs will have the same vesting model and will be ‘Verified’ by the team and tradable on Accessifi the Marketplace.

Vesting Model for Debug and Beta Testnet ACC NFTs: 6 mo. from TGE, Linear (meaning can be claimed daily)

We understand your excitement about receiving your ACC NFT, yet, there is no specific date set for TGE and Mainnet launch other then in Q1 of 2022. We appreciate your patience and your participation and being part of the community.

Following along closely and tracking the progress of the launch will provide you the best understanding of when you will most likely receive your ACC NFT.

Stay tuned next week for a new article where will we will dive deeper into Dayal submissions and fedback from the debugging campaign.

Thanks you,

The Accessifi Team

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